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San Luis Valley Health

Your Medical Home

We deliver healthcare that revolves around you as the patient. When you receive care at San Luis Valley Health, you are treated by a team of people that know you as a whole person. We call this way of delivering care, your "medical home." 


With our medical home model, we work together as a team that includes:

  • You

  • Your primary care provider

  • Nurses working with your provider

  • A care coordinator, sometimes called a navigator

  • Our front desk and support staff

  • Experts such as health educators, therapists, social workers, specialists, and others


Your primary care provider leads this team and arranges for appropriate health care services with other qualified clinicians when needed.  This results in more personalized, coordinated, effective and efficient care for you.   

This relationship with your primary care provider offers comfort, convenience, and a path to the optimal health you want and need throughout your lifetime. 

At San Luis Valley Health, we know that involving patients and their families in health care decisions is an essential step in providing high quality, comprehensive, and appropriate care.  

If you don't yet have a primary care provider, please view all San Luis Valley Health Primary Care Providers and feel free to contact one for an appointment.


We have a clear vision, mission statement, and set of core values that we believe offers excellent healthcare in the SLV.


Our integrated organization reflects commitment to a broader view of healthcare and a vision for our changing role in the future. 

We are committed to care that is personalized for each patient, including state of the art technology, skills and facilities, and is combined with a level of service that builds confidence and trust.

Your: San Luis Valley Health serves everyone who needs us in the Valley.  Our two hospitals and five clinics belong to the community and are governed by a volunteer board of lay people and providers.

Trusted:  Our excellence in services, skills, and competence, combined with our integrity, compassion, and transparency earns the respect and trust of everyone.

Partner: We are committed to engaging with patients and with other providers in the Valley who share a commitment to the health of our community. We create relationships through excellence and compassion.

Health:  Our organization has a broad view of our role in health focusing on wellness, prevention, chronic illness management and a healthier state of being. We seek to care for the whole person rather than an incident of care or a particular place of service. 


Our mission is “To be a Premier, Fully Integrated Rural Health Care System Providing Exceptional, Patient-Centered Services to the San Luis Valley.”

San Luis Valley Health embraces its responsibility as the leading healthcare provider in our alpine Valley of 8,100 square miles. 

Premier: To be recognized as a high performing organization through feedback from our customers, comparison to others, and benchmarking data.

Fully Integrated: We organize ourselves with our providers, colleagues and partners, such that the coordination of care, transfer of information and efficiency of operation is maximized. We are consistent in the inclusion of providers in leadership and decision-making for clinical, operational, and strategic aspects of our organization.

Exceptional Services: Our goal is excellence of performance in all aspects of the services we provide.  This will be based on measurable outcomes for quality, safety, service, and operating costs.

Patient/Family Centered: The focal point of our entire organization is care and treatment of the patient and their family. With that in mind, we will consciously consider programs, services, policies, procedures, and each aspect of the work we do with the patient in mind.  We will seek the patient/family voice in our efforts to provide and improve health services.

San Luis Valley: We recognize that our Mission is to serve residents, travelers, and communities throughout the six counties of the Valley. 

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106 Blanca Avenue Alamosa, CO 81101

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Phone Numbers

719-589-2511 for Regional Medical Center

719-274-5121 for Conejos County Hospital

719-589-3000 for Clinics and Specialty Care

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