The Alamosa County Chamber of Commerce is organized to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the San Luis Valley so that its citizens and all areas of its business community will prosper.  Promotion and education will be provided, with particular attention given to the economic, civic, cultural and educational interests of the area and to opportunities for involvement.


To become the most valued business resource, and a catalyst for continued growth and prosperity for Alamosa County and the Greater San Luis Valley

Core Values

Service - We are committed to the service of our community and our responsibility to make every possible step to enrich our way of life.

Collaboration/Inclusivity - We believe in the power of partnership and working together with our businesses, neighboring communities, and local government. We value the wide range of experiences, perspectives, contributions and ideas that come from our members and individuals of all backgrounds in our community, and encourage broad participation in community dialogue and decision-making.

Advocate for Businesses/Promotion - Our primary goal serves the interests of our member businesses. We work to provide a support system for success through facilitating the creation of meaningful business connections, networking, educational, and marketing opportunities, and ongoing business tools for success.

Integrity/Accountability - We believe in holding ourselves to the highest work and ethical standards. We pledge to demonstrate honesty, moral principles, strength and trustworthiness in all action and intent, and commit to only those activities that fit our Mission, Vision, and Core Values as a whole.


Education - Increase efforts to educate the community on what the chamber does, what our benefits are, etc. 

Networking - In addition to the Monthly Luncheon and Coffee Connections, create an after-hours networking event. Maintain consistent

Financial - Increase focus on details for revenues/expenses (particularly with regards to events) and transparency for the public on what our fundraising efforts are going towards and how the funds will be used to their benefit. Make consistent fiscally responsible decisions, so that we can continue to pursue and support strategic community, business, and economic development opportunities that make a lasting impact.

Member Outreach - Intentional focus on direct outreach to all Alamosa County businesses to drive membership and improve utilization of new and existing benefits.

Clarity - Better define roles for Chamber, City, SBDC, Economic Development, County, etc.

Professional Development - Increase push for members to attend educational events and boost professional development opportunities for Chamber staff.

Continuous Improvement - Align fundraising (and all activities) with the Mission/Vision/Core Values of the Chamber. Create new concepts and ideas to continue to stay relevant and provide the best possible benefit to the business community.

Perception - Increase the public perception of the Chamber through education and visits with members.

Chamber Membership

The Alamosa County Chamber of Commerce is a great investment for the future of your business!  The Chamber has been reinvigorated and is growing steadily.  We strive to stimulate local business, with our most recent efforts being focused on providing strong networking and business education along with sponsoring community events that bring prospective customers to town. 

Top 5 Reasons to Join

  1. Networking, Networking, Networking! Connect personally with a demographic of new customers that all want to do business with you, a fellow Chamber Member. Literally thousands of dollars in business have been generated directly from our Chamber Business Network Meetings!

  2. Increase Your Visibility in the Community. Promotion through our Social Media and Email List. Members also get their business listed on the Chamber website, FREE! People are constantly looking on the internet to find goods or services.

  3. Referrals from the Chamber. Thousand of calls each year are referred to our Chamber members only. Statistics show that customers are more likely to do business with a Chamber Member, and visitors frequently look to a Chamber to find reputable businesses to support.

  4. Members Only Services. Our members take advantage of our bulk mail permit for sending direct mail advertisements as well as using our Constant Contact emails to reach a strong demographic.

  5. Member Advocacy