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The Colorado Farm Brewery

Introducing the historic collaboration between Laws Whiskey House, The Colorado Farm Brewery, and Colorado Malting Company…


In returning to the roots of ales and spirits, this beer captures the heart of craft. Brewed 20 meters from the field that gave life to the rye for both the whiskey that saturated the aging barrels and the grist of the decadent brew, this beer exists as a world-wide one of a kind. The grain bill contains 100% estate grains, grown in sight of the brewhouse and taproom. The hops came to life on the walls and fences of the property, hand-picked for use in this beer. Boasting the best of both craft beer and craft whiskey, this unfiltered delight brings the fruits of the earth to the delight of the palate. The hue reflects rye in the ripest month of late august, light gold embraces a hint of amber. IBU’s lye low to make way for the magnificent marriage of rye to barley, and beer to whiskey. A culmination of the work of many hands, years of aging, plows, combines, brew kettles, stills, coopers, and friends, this beer holds the full brewing and distilling experience in each sip.

Enjoy slowly, responsibly, and fondly.

This is the taste of our home.



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