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Hospice del Valle

Hospice del Valle helps to create a peaceful transition for clients with life-limiting illnesses; assisting clients and families in the celebration of life with love, caring and dignity.

The Hospice Philosophy

When a person has a limited life expectancy, the focus of treatment often turns from cure to care. Hospice care is an interdisciplinary approach designed to meet the needs – physical, psychological and spiritual – of a person at the end of life.

What is Hospice?

The word “hospice” comes from the same root as “hospital,” “hospitality” and even “hotel” – all referring to caring for a person’s comfort and needs.  “Hospice Care” means care provided to persons who are terminally ill.

Some hospices are specialized, in-patient facilities where terminally ill patients come to stay.

Hospice services may also be provided in long term care facilities or hospitals.

The most common provider of hospice care are home health agencies and in-home hospice services, which support persons who wish to be cared for at home. 

Some hospice facilities also provide respite care, for a five day period, where patients can receive care on an in-patient basis.

But hospice is more than a place or agency – it is a philosophy of healthcare for persons at the end of life that seek not to prolong life unnaturally, but to ensure that in the time left to the dying person, his or her life is as full and comfortable as possible.

Hospice seeks to enhance the dying person’s quality of life and to provide support for family and caregivers.


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