Click here to visit our Website!

Click here to visit our Website!

Community Banks of Colorado

A community driven bank commited to our clients to ensure common sense banking. We specialize in consumer, small business, agriculture and much more.

Our beliefs

  • We believe common sense is more than just banking.

  • We believe in finding financial solutions that cater specifically to your needs.

  • We believe in your future, and are invested in helping you get there. That means looking at you and not seeing a number, but rather the dad, mom, graduate, business owner, or entrepreneur that you are.

  • We believe life is complex enough, and banking should be simple.

  • We believe in straight talk, personal attention, and sensible, clear decisions from real people. No jibber jabber, no smoke and mirrors and no passing the buck.

  • We believe that personal attention should come from real people. Not a machine.

If this is what you believe in, then you’re definitely right for us. And we might be the right bank for you.


Contact Us:

2061 Main St, Alamosa, CO, 81101


Fax 719-587-2679