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Colorado Animal Rescue Center



Colorado ARC will foster and promote the well-being and comfort of large ranch, companion, and exotic animals in a safe and secure environment while working to educate the public and provide animal therapy, physical and behavioral rehabilitation, and training.

Colorado is a paradise for people and animals alike. Unfortunately, there is always a need to supply safe quarters and care for needy animals. The people of Colorado are truly animal lovers. Colorado Animal Rescue Center will fill a large need in the San Louis Valley as a support unit to the already existing animal adoption and care organizations. The ARC will assist by having long-term foster care capabilities as well as physical and social/behavioral rehabilitation for exotics and companion animals. The people of Colorado often have animals as unique as they, and sometimes those animals need a new place to call home for a variety of reasons. Colorado ARC will be set up to handle the exotic animals that come from the community and the surrounding area. Birds, snakes, fish, turtles, caiman, hedgehogs and much more will be welcomed and cared for at our facility or with our partners such as Colorado Gators. Every animal deserves a chance and the ARC can handle them. Though we are located in Saguache County we plan to rescue, and help other rescues, across the United States and beyond.

The ARC will put a large emphasis on wolves and wolfdogs. These wonderful animals are often brought into loving homes only for the owners to find that they are not quite like your regular dog and then, they are given up. Often, in shelters, they are terminated immediately due to the wolf content. There is a growing need throughout the country for places to house these animals. The San Louis Valley offers a perfect environment for these animals. Their dense double coat protects them in the winter and the cooler summers will be perfect for these animals. This area, after all, used to be home to these majestic animals. Our facility will be large enough to house several wolfdogs in pens and still have fenced acreage for all day exercise. We will also look to other exotic animals that need our help. We will not be a breeding facility.

We will also place a substantial effort on the New Guinea singing dog. There has recently been a new population discovered in Papua New Guinea. We will be the hub in the United States for these rare canids. The main staff, Susan Bowers, Deneen Ansley and Drew Nelson, have extensive experience with these primitive dogs.

The terms “no kill” and “kill” shelter are often thrown around when discussing how a rescue operates. The ARC has the goal of supplying good, long-term care to animals, possibly to end-of-life. We would rather our “clients” live out their days well fed and in a field with fresh air verses a concrete kennel. Elder animals are very difficult to place in homes. Our loving staff will spend time caring for these geriatric animals until they are called to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We will always reserve the right, with board discussion and approval, to terminate life if the quality of life is in question but we will be designated as a “no kill” sanctuary.


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