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Alamosa Mosquito Control District


The mission of the Alamosa Mosquito Control District is to use environmentally sensitive practices to protect the health and well being of our public from disease and annoyance caused by mosquitoes.


A fully integrated mosquito management program since 1968. We serve a total of 121sq miles within Alamosa County. Boundaries are the 2s-13s and 103-114.

General Information

Prior to the establishment of the Alamosa Mosquito Control District (AMCD) by an election in 1966, it was unbearable to be outside during mosquito season. According to some "old-timers", people would walk around downtown Alamosa waving branches to ward off the pests, thus the need for the District was determined. 

The founding members of AMCD were: Robert Bowers, Robert Foote, Stanley Knapp, Maurice Morris, and Vern Stenzel, attorney, and Carlos Lucero. These members founded the organization and led the initial District attack against mosquitoes in Alamosa. 

An elected board of five members governs the district. The board of directors meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the AMCD office and shop located at 511 Fourth Street in Alamosa. Our current members are: Dr. Larry Sveum ( President), Pat Steenburg (Vice Pres), DiJ Myers (Secretary), Scott Caton (Treasurer), and Dr. Bill Brinton.

The AMCD is a special district supported by taxes on property within the district boundaries. The taxes are about $50.00 per year on a residence valued at $200,000. The current mill levy is 5 mills as established by voters in November of 2008. Since then the Board of Directors has taken a Temporary mill levy reduction to 4 mills, which will stay for the up coming 2012 season.


Contact Us

511 4th Street Alamosa, CO 81101 
Phone: (719) 589-5409